Today, I got shoved rather violently into the one place I never thought I would be:  single-parenthood.  And I have to confess, I’m terrified.  How do I do it all by myself?  How do I care for myself AND this tiny little human who depends on me for his everything, with no help at all, when I’ve never had to fend for myself before?  How do I cope?

This has been coming for awhile, but it still hurts.  I will, however, make one promise.  I will not talk bad about my former fiance. Not here, not on Facebook.  I never want to be “that mom”, the one who talks horribly about my son’s father, especially where my son can hear me, or in a public forum where the possibility is out there that Nathaniel may come across it one day in the future and read it.  No matter our issues with each other, Jeffrey is a great father, and our son adores him.  I just hope that he gets the help he so desperately needs, so he can continue to be a good father.

For now, all I can do is pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep on keeping on.  My son needs me to keep it together, and take care of him.  He’s one.  He doesn’t know his mommy’s heart is broken,  And it is.  Maybe irretrievably so.  So I’ll venture on this path as a single parent, and do the best I can with a bad situation.  Keep my family in your thoughts, dear readers, we desperately need all of the good thoughts we can get.  Thank you.


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